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Thank you for finding The Circuit Detective. If you were helped with your electrical problem by this site, or are just glad to know it's available as a resource for the future, please consider making a donation to support it. Your vote of confidence goes a long way to encourage me to keep it going.

Donations have ranged from $2 to $100. Everything helps and all are appreciated. They are not tax-deductible but will be contributing to the overall quality of the web, particularly in the field of electrical knowledge and know-how. Thank you so much.

Rest assured, I will not contact you (except to thank you) or share any information about you. To donate by credit/debit card, use the following link. [It accepts your card through PayPal without having to join PayPal]: PayPal.

Thank you for going out of your way to do this! God bless you! -- Larry

"Yep.. Your online troubleshooter helped end my splitting headache. The $20 is to keep you encouraged. Thank you for an excellent and helpful website." -Noe, CA

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