House Electrical Wiring Diagrams:
Wiring Connections in Switch, Outlet, and Light Boxes

The following house electrical wiring diagrams will show almost all the kinds of electrical wiring connections that serve the functions you need at a variety of outlet, light, and switch boxes. It gives you over 200 diagrams. For help understanding them, be sure to open the Explanation page. Also consider taking the Connections Tutorial or seeing the Typical circuit diagram.

EXTENSIVE Box-and-Cable Connection Diagrams

  1. How many separate cables (not wires) come into the box for your outlet, switch(es), or light?
  2. How many wires are in each of these cables (don't count grounds, which are bare or green)?
According to your answers to these questions, click the appropriate graphic below to expand it, but keep this Explanation at hand.

Only one 2-wire (flat) cable ["14-2" or "12-2"]
Only one 3-wire (round) cable ["14-3" or "12-3" (w/red wire)]
Two 2-wire cables
One 2-wire cable and one 3-wire cable
Two 3-wire cables
Three 2-wire cables
Two 2-wire cables and one 3-wire cable
One 2-wire cable and two 3-wire cables
Three 3-wire cables
Four 2-wire cables
Three 2-wire cables and one 3-wire cable

Be sure to open the Explanation (new window) to understand the functions of the cables.

Connections Tutorial
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